What about installation?

We provide top quality, trustworthy installation services for your new floor. Selling carpet is easy. Just ask the big box stores about that. It is customizing the carpet in your home that separates the true professionals. We believe in mutual respect between customer, store, and installer. It is the only way to go. Our professional, insured installers have worked here for an average of over 15 years. We know them. We know their families. We match the best installer with your job and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our installers are the key to Twin Oaks Carpet repeat and referral business. They have been very important to our growth over the past 35 years, and we treat them that way. At many stores, particularly the big box stores, your salesperson has no idea who is coming to your house as the job is sub-contracted.

Do you provide in-home measures?

Absolutely. Need help making that final decision regarding color or style? Our sales staff is here to help! From the moment you walk in our door, our friendly sales staff will assist you through the installation process, including measuring.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, on both pricing and installation. Your job will be perfect, we won’t have it any other way. Twin Oaks Carpet has the lowest prices. We will meet or beat any competitor’s prices, guaranteed!