Invincible hardwood with new Armor Max coating


Flooring Protection Maximized
Mohawk floors has introduced a new production that takes hardwood to a whole new level. ?We all love the look of beautiful shining wood, but life?s little stains and scrapes can take a toll on it. Enter ArmorMax(TM) Finish Technology, a protective coating combined with Scotchguard(TM) Advanced Repel Technology, a one-two punch that seals your floor from the elements and human abrasions that can dim the look of your floors. ?They?re not messing around, this finish has a 50 year warranty!

Top Ways ArmorMax will help your floors:
  • Tested against other top extended wear finishes and found to be 5 times more resistant
  • Repels staining and scratches from life?s messes with rock hard solidity
  • Eliminates the new for frequent cleaning and other hardwood care with long-performing shine so your floors look brand new
Ask us about new ArmorMax coating from Mohawk and upgrade your new floor!