Have you ever walked into someone?s house and been able to recognize the lighting fixtures, sink faucet and even the floor tiles as coming from Home Depot or Lowe?s?

Anyone who shops at the big boxes regularly (and don?t we all?) becomes familiar with the look of their products. Nothing against them, but well, so many people choose them that they result in a cookie cutter look. ?The big chains offer a few styles for each product and by negotiating volume deals, they can offer low prices. But there isn?t a lot of product depth. You choose what?s on the shelf and go home.

Their business model depends on limited choices. That?s why so many people?s houses look alike. ?Yet many people don?t realize that there are thousands of choices beyond what those big box stores or Empire have in-stock, and the prices are very comparable. ?And if you do place a specialty order at Home Depot, you?ll notice the price suddenly shoots up.

Designers consider flooring one of the most important choices you make when remodeling or decorating. ?It sets the stage for the whole room. ?At Twin Oaks Carpet, we have gorgeous flooring choices that you won?t see anywhere else in your neighborhood. ?If there are two dark toned hardwoods at Lowe?s, we can show you dozens of dark shades in different grains and woods. ?(We can also explain in depth why you might want to choose one over another ? due to the use of your room, the traffic and other factors.)

Why look like everybody else? ?Our in-store design staff can help you get the look you?ve seen in magazines or in your head?bring us a picture and we can show you how to achieve it.