Chicago summer floors

After spring cleaning your baseboards, swiffering and polishing, the onslaught of wild Chicago area weather can do a number on your flooring. ?In between tornado warnings and scrambling for the basement, we get flash storms that wet the yard and track inside. ?Pollen, dust and yard debris come in on tennis shoes and dogs leave muddy footprints. ?A properly installed wood floor will stand up to a lot of outside dirt, it just takes cleaning, but tile can hide a multitude of sins by stone or stone look prints.

And consider creating a mudroom. The classic mudroom with a tile floor is great for foul weather and today people are carving small mudrooms out of unused hall closets. Just remove the door, add a bench and bins for shoes and you?re in business. ?If you were planning to do new flooring, consider tile with a cute closet mudroom to repurpose space that would otherwise go to waste!